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Saudi Customs seeks to provide integrated customs services to meet development ‎requirements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and keep pace with the latest ‎developments at local and international level. This will be achieved through a form of a ‎difficult formula considered Saudi Customs mission and slogan represented in ‎‎(accelerating release of permissible goods and preventing entry of prohibited ones). It ‎requires striking a balance between facilitation of flow of trade for importers and ‎exporters in accordance with the Kingdom’s international obligations on the one hand, ‎and carrying out accurate inspection tasks of consignments, on the other hand, to ensure ‎prevention of entry of prohibited and infringing materials such as counterfeit items as ‎customs is the first line of defense for the country. ‎

The objectives of customs policy in the Kingdom are summarized in the following:‎

Religious and Security Objective:‎?

Maintain religious fundamentals by preventing entry of all items incompatible with ‎religion and Islamic faith such as books, publications and books of magic and sorcery, ‎and protect the country and the society from the hazards posing a threat to health and ‎security by preventing entry of all prohibited items such as drugs of all kinds, arms, ‎explosives, etc.‎

Socio-Economic Objective

  •  ‏1‏‎.‎ Prevent entry of counterfeit goods, IPR-infringing goods or substandard goods to ‎ensue consumer protection and support of national economy.‎
  •  ‏2‏‎.‎ Levying customs duties on imported goods according to duty rates set out in the ‎customs tariff nomenclature.‎
  •  ‏3‏‎.‎ Facilitate export procedures and open markets for domestic products.‎
  •  ‏4‏‎.‎ Protect the national economy from dumping threats.‎
  •  ‏5‏‎.‎ Protect the domestic industries from competition and encourage them by ‎imposing relatively high duty rates on imports identical to the domestic industries. ‎In addition, the equipment, tools, spare parts and raw materials which contribute ‎to raising the efficiency of domestic industries are exempted from customs duties.‎
  •  ‏6‏‎.‎ Customs as a sole source of trade statistics provides accurate statistics on the ‎Kingdom’s foreign trade on which many economic and political decisions based.‎
  •  ‏7‏‎.‎ Guarantee gains to the national economy via bilateral, regional and international ‎agreements concluded between the Kingdom and other countries.‎
  •  ‏8‏‎.‎ Exempt essential consumer goods from customs duties or levy reduced customs ‎duties on normal imported goods.‎
  •  ‏9‏‎.‎ Increase customs duty rates on the materials detrimental to health such as tobacco ‎and its derivatives.‎
  •  ‏10‏‎. Maintain the health of members of the community by preventing entry of banned ‎items from the infested countries.‎
  •  ‏11‏‎.‎ Restrict the benefit from the commodities subsidized by the government to the ‎consumer in the Kingdom by preventing export of such commodities.‎

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