Why Al-Zafer Group

Al-Zafer Group is an energetic company, full of intelligent people who are committed to providing high-quality services. I can easily and proudly say that I work with a number of professionals whom I consider mentors and friends. Additionally, our growing company recognizes accomplishments at all levels, giving every employee an opportunity to excel. That does not imply competitiveness, though; I was drawn to Al-Zafer Group’s collaborative environment and friendly colleagues, as well as the company’s willingness to adapt to the unique needs of its growing staff


Making an Impact:

Between institutional capacity-building efforts, proposal development, and other grants-related services, the Grants team has the unique experience of helping our health care and education partners achieve their missions. Our tailored services are integral in the design and funding of our partners’ initiatives for expanded access to quality health care, as well as their public outreach and education efforts, among others.  That is impact!


Tips for New Recruits:

Look beyond your day-to-day responsibilities. Al-Zafer Group offers a variety of professional development workshops, C-suite Q&A sessions, community service opportunities, health and wellness programming, happy hours, and so much more so that we can continue to learn and be engaged. Take advantage of the many resources Al-Zafer Group provides, challenge yourself, and believe that boredom does not exist.