We strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing the best range of products and services and commercial markets. We have implemented quality management practices along with the supply chain and exceptional customer support by importing and supplying all types of products service, and it was agreed government contracts by companies supplying food, and cigarettes, and electronic devices, as well as petroleum products. What makes us different is that we have a variety of services beside the flexibility we have to change our strategy and our systems. And it has helped our loyal customers and ongoing support of the community our superiority in this competitive market. We have faced many of the stages in more than 40 years in the field of working and that we were able to overcome them thanks to our operating efficiency and excellent our management of human resources. And in what follows some of the services available in the company and that is unmatched: - Implementation of government contracts for imported food in the framework of support for needy families from various global origins for the Ministry of Commerce aid program - Global import of cigarettes and distributed to local agencies across Iraq for more than 22 years - Import and export of petroleum products.